How much does web design cost in New Zealand?

The cost of website development in New Zealand will depend on your requirements. Most web agencies will calculate the cost on the amount of pages/products needed or special features required. A more simple informative business website will cost less compared to a larger E-Commerce website. Depending on your geographic location, some agencies may charge higher than others. The best way to get an accurate price is to contact your local web design company and provide them with all your specifications. Or feel free to use our website cost calculator below.

Website Cost Calculator Tool

Use our website pricing tool below to calculate the cost of your business website. All details will be taken into account and an estimate will be calculated. If you wish to find out more with your website development, please fill in your details at the bottom. We will be in touch!

Pricing will be in NZD (New Zealand Dollar) and the approximate cost is not final. If you would like your website developed we would need a few questions answered to get an exact quote. The estimate price given by our calculator may reduce or increase depending on information provided. Pricing is exclusive of GST.


Submit your estimate and Red Eye Design will be in contact via phone or email. We can then talk about your business website and make sure all is accounted for within the quote. Let’s get your business online now!