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Even now print is still being used more that ever. Printing has come along way since it was introduced and now printing techniques can really bring your design off the page. If you are in need of physical marketing material this would still be the way to go, as digital can only go so far. R.E.D has experience in many print design areas.

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Why use Red Eye Design for your Print Design?

As we were saying print design is still very popular even with this new digital age. We do a big range of print design.

1. Banners

Banners come in a few different shapes and dimensions. You find your most common promotional banner will be your ‘Roll Up’ banner, which is great for shop windows and exhibitions. These are also portable and convenient to take anywhere.

2. Brochures

Brochures are a handy marketing material to post or handout to potential clients. Some of the most common brochures come in these sizes and shapes:

•    A4 Half Fold
•    A4 Tri Fold
•    A4 Z Fold
•    A4 Gate Fold

3. Business Cards

If you are a corporate individual, it is important to be equipped with business cards. We have the ability to design them in different standard sizes as well. The most common business card would be a double-sided 85x55mm. Double-sided business cards have proven to standout more than a basic single-sided.

4. Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips are a small piece of paper on which a company’s name, address, and logo are printed and which is sent out with goods or information. These are smaller than a letterhead for convenience of ‘slipping’ them into post or packages. The most common size for a compliment slip is 210x99mm.

5. Invitations

It can be your wedding, birthday party, anniversary party or anything in between. We can design the most attractive looking invitation card with your design brief in mind. A printed invitation can come across more personal than a digital invite so keep that in mind.

6. Letterheads

Letterheads are usually A4 in size and should be branded in your companies’ identity. This letterhead should contain contact information for your business, which gives customers/clients easy access to you. Letterheads usually are sent in the post or can be used as a template in certain applications.

7. Menus

If you own a restaurant, you would need to get some menus created. Depending on your style of restaurant, menus can be designed in different sizes either being folded or flat.

8. Posters

Posters are used for many different types of marketing. It’s really never ending. Commonly A4 to A3 size poster are created for your shop window. To a greater degree you can get A1 to A0 size posters than can be seen in bus stops and movie theaters. Even to a larger scale a poster could be considered a billboard display.

9. Clothing

Clothing can be used for promoting your business, school, band or sports team. We are able to create a design, or layout an existing logo onto any type of clothing. It is a perfect way to promote your brand with just wearing apparel.

With our print design service, we take into account:

  • Your brand identity, colours, fonts, style and we reproduce this onto your print design
  • Making sure all colours are ready for print. Everything will be in CMYK ready for the printing process. This will keep your brand colours the same when printed onto whatever chosen product.
  • Saving you money when it comes to printing, we can do everything that a print production company does before the print process. This means adding crop marks and positioning the layout so there will be no artwork costs.
  • Organising the printing to save you time. Instead of trying to find a trusted local print company, we can print your order and send it to your doorstep.
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We’re a one stop print design shop

Red Eye Design can also organise your printing for any of the above print sizes. This can save you time and effort after getting the design aspect done. Also we use local NZ print production companies to keep the juices flowing within kiwi businesses. Just let us know what you need printed and we can sort it.

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If you want us to create your print design material, you can contact us using the enquiry form or by phone and email.

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