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The Logo Design Process

The logo process can be different with each individual and company. It can involve extensive research and design and sometimes it can involve much less. Companies that offer cheaper prices when designing logos won’t have much of a research and design procedure, compared to creative companies that are on the higher price scale and will most likely spend more time investing in research and in the concept and development phase. Each to their own. Anyhow, below is the R.E.D logo design process from research to final product. This is a great opportunity to know how it all works before you commit to hiring a logo designer.

What’s the first step in logo design?

Usually you (the client) will contact me via phone, email or social media for my logo design services. I sit up at my desk in excitement and we talk about what your business is and what ideas you have in mind. From here we decide on a logo package that suits and we sign it off.

Next is the research job. I will study your industry and branding of other companies. There will be close observation of the colour and imagery used in the trade. Notes will be taken, ideas will be thought, and coffees will be drunk.

Where do the logo ideas come from?

Well, depending on your business name and the imagery involved throughout your industry, the ideas all come from here! I would make an idea map of images that represent words in your business name and industry. There will then be some sketches, or as I like to call them, digital sketches, of ideas that have popped in my mind.

Here’s an example:

Say if a business approached me with the name “The Cat Doctor”, in this case someone that strictly cares for a cats health, (Just a very quick example on the top of my head) I would think of imagery such as a Cat, Paws, Cat Collar, Whiskers, Stethoscope, Medical Cross, Plaster or Injection. You will have to use your imagination here. With a simplistic design style, the first concept you could have the Stethoscope forming the cats face. Then have 2 cats eyes in the middle of the stethoscope, add a couple of whiskers each side. The end of the Stethoscope could be smaller to represent a cat collar bell and waaalaaa you have a logo concept. Yes, this idea is very random, but its finding the combinations that may work together visually.

Next depending on the logo package chosen, I would do a number of digital sketches and set them out on a page. These would all be in black and white. Each logo would be numbered to easily identify when the client gives feedback. This gives the client ideas to look over and to write notes. Sometimes you can choose different elements on each logo concept and combine them together. Ok lets get on with the next phase!

Let’s develop some logos!

After getting some feedback from my beautiful clients, I would then enter the development stage where we would look at colours and other subtle changes. I would complete any modifications asked from the concepts, then I would set up the colours in different colour combinations. Of course, the colour profiles would have to suit the industry and audience, so I want go to crazy with the colour picking. When I’m satisfied with colour selection I will send the development file over to the client or welcome them to visit the office to go over details.

The logo is nearly completed. What now?

Now, at this point there are not to many more changes, as we have been following a well managed process. The client will have now decided on a colour combination to represent the logo. I can then now make sure the logo is PERFECT and all detail is in place. I will create a final document to present to the client and export the logo into other formats that can be used for your web design, emails and print.

At this stage, the client is sitting awaiting the final product. TING! They receive an email. It is Red Eye Design with the logo! The hairs stand on end as they open the file to see the logo design that is going to represent their new company. A virtual high five is sent over to one another and then I begin to start the process all over again….which I love!

Hopefully now you can see the effort put into creating a logo. There is a process and it does sometimes take many hours to complete. But with all the hard work you should end up with a logo that stands above your competition.

If you want a logo for your new or existing business, I would love to help. Here is a bit About Me and I’m also available on 0220 354 180 in New Zealand. I hope you enjoyed ‘The Logo Design Process’ article and I look forward to hearing from you.