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Creative and functional packaging that attracts customers

Just think about your product without its packaging. It would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?

It has become important for retail businesses to pay special attention towards packaging design. That’s because the design of your package represents what your company brand stands for.

There are many products from the same industry to compete with these days. So you want your product to standout over your competitors. It needs to jump from the shelf into the consumers hand yelling “BUY ME”!

We love designing packaging for local kiwi businesses and would love to show you how good we are at it! Let us learn about your products today and get you selling in store and online.

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Why use Red Eye Design for your Packaging?

If you are looking for creative and functional packaging design services, you have come to the creative agency. At Red Eye Design, we have a talented designer, who can assist your company to get the best packaging and labels designed for the products.

Our Graphic Designer gets into the shoes of your potential customers when designing the packages. This helps us to come up with the most attractive designs, which can contribute towards the long term success of your business.

Red Eye Design has worked with a large number of brands in the past and we have a clear understanding on how to get your package noticed among potential customers. You just need to leave the packaging designing job in our hands and experience all the benefits of achieving a product that will stand out on the shelf.

Your company is going through a lot of hassle in order to release a product to the market. For example, you do the research, create prototypes and test the products. However, you will not be able to convince your targeted customers to purchase those products without having effective packaging.

That’s where our services can assist you. We will design the package appropriately so that you can convince your customers as soon as they see it. This will tempt your retailers to stock the products as well!

With our packaging design service,
we look at:

  • Making your products noticeable on the shelf
  • Getting your products stocked at the right places
  • Giving your product the opportunity to standout from other competitors
  • Providing ability for your product to engage more with customers
  • Helping the consumers get a clear understanding about the key message that you are trying to portray
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You want a product that catches the consumers eye

The packaging design services that we have at R.E.D will give you all the benefits mentioned above. We have plenty of experience in helping both small scale as well as large scale customers.

When you come to us and request for our packaging design services, we would carefully listen to all your requirements and then take required steps to create the best package for the product.

We don’t follow a one size fits all approach and we make sure that you get something unique and convincing for your business.

Next steps with your Packaging Design

If you want us to create your packaging design, you can contact us using the enquiry form or by phone and email.

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