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Professional Web Designer VS DIY Website Builders

When launching a new venture, you’re going to want a fresh new website to raise awareness and publicise your business. However, it can be really difficult to decide the best way to get the website of your dreams. Should you try to learn how to code it yourself? You could do, but it takes people years to master the craft. Your other options are to either pay a web designer to do it for you, or use an online website builder too to create one yourself. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your situation. So don’t worry, I will cover all the details.

DIY website builders, are they easy to use?

If you’re not familiar with HTML and want to get building your small business website design right away, then a website builder will let you get straight to work. By using a simple pre-made template, you’ll be able to enter your content without having to worry about using any code. You can then publish it once you’re satisfied and people can start to visit it straight away. Yes it’s that easy, but are you technically minded? You do need to have some experience with design and computers in general to create a decent looking website. Also there are other things to take into consideration.

Do you have full control of the website appearance?

A lot of these online web builders have a range of templates to use, which is good. But the problem with a template is that any other business can come along, create an account and use your template as their website. That makes it more difficult for your brand to standout and the user experience to be memorable. There is also a factor to consider that certain features you need for your site will cost extra, on top of your annual plan.

On the other hand, if you employ a dedicated web designer, you can talk to them about your vision for the website and they can work with you to create the content that will be unique to others.

DIY website builders and mobile devices

Most website builders such as Squarespace and Wix boast that they will optimise your website for all devices, but unfortunately very few do this successfully. There are so many different sized screens running various versions of operating systems that it’s very difficult for them to create a standardised service that provides responsive websites on all devices.

If you choose to hire a web designer, they will personally take the time to create a responsive web design that work on all devices. The last thing you want is for potential customers to try and view your website on their smartphone and have a completely awful experience, to never return.

Are Web Designers expensive?

In short, yes a professional Web Developer is more expensive. If you have a small, small budget, then an online website builder offers very cost effective method for creating a new website. This is a good option if you’re price sensitive.

But… don’t you want your website to look and function good? Are you confident enough to create a website for your business? Is Web Design your line of work?

Just spending that little bit extra money might be the best thing you’ve done. Why not get someone that specialises in web development to do the job. It may be best to just get it done right, the first time.

Here’s my recommendation

I have noticed in the past that people will sign up to an online web builder to find out that have no idea what they are doing creatively. Also not realising it will take up a fair amount of their time, they end up hiring an actual web designer to do it. I have had many people in that position come to me to get their site designed properly.

A good web designer will also provide you with a bespoke service, and a website design that meets your needs perfectly. Using a website builder will provide you with an efficient service, but an experience that is easily replicated by any of your competitors also using the same services. If it’s sustainable competitive advantage you seek, and you wish to provide your website users with a unique experience, then there’s really no alternative for a web designer. Yes, it might be more expensive, but it’s worth it for a finish of the highest quality that your competitors cannot imitate!

If you’re still confused which service would be best for you,
we’ve summed it up clearly for you here:

Professional Web Designer

DIY Website Builder

  • Bespoke personal service
  • Effectively optimised for all devices
  • Created by a professional
  • Unique website, not a template
  • Will be more expensive
  • Efficiently create a website using basic templates
  • Cost effective
  • Templates are used by thousands of other businesses
  • Standardised service. Not personal
  • Poorly optimised for devices
  • Limited features


In conclusion, yes I am a Web Designer and this article may seem to point more towards getting your site designed professionally, but I do speak the truth with this article. It is entirely up to you what path you take, but take into consideration this information before wasting time and money. If you are wanting a professional to create your website, here are some Web Design Packages for you to look over.

From Red Eye Design have a good day and we wish you all the best with your website!