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Guide For Small Business Website Design

So you have a small business and looking to get a presence online?

It can be a confusing process not being a website designer and understanding how it works. It’s like a cars salesman understanding how to train a dolphin. Isn’t it?

Well we’re happy to give you a guide on what a small business website design should include to ensure you have a successful and professional website.

So what are the key elements for your small business website?

Let’s take a look –

  1. Domain Name

If you don’t know what a domain name is, it’s the www. thing that you type into the top section on your chosen browser. Basically this is your business address on the Internet.

It’s important to have a domain name that’s similar if not the same as your business. This just makes it easier for customers to remember and also when searching that keyword. So if you live in New Zealand and your business is called, let’s say, “Itchy Cat Groomers”, you would want to have a domain like or

This is something you can purchase yourself before starting the web design process. Just find hosting companies such as ‘Crazy Domains’ or ‘1st Domains NZ’ and purchase the domain under your ownership.

(Sometimes small business website designers buy the domain under their business when it should be under yours. This is so you can hold full ownership of the domain and keep it safe.)

  1. Fast Hosting

The hosting is basically the property where you build your house. It’s where you host your website. It’s the place where your website rests its head. Ok enough…

It is important that your small business website designer uses fast hosting to ensure your new website loads quick when hungry customers click on it.

So please ensure your web company uses a reliable host that runs fast like a cheetah!

  1. Content

What is content you ask? Content is the text on your website. Also it can be considered the images you choose to use.

Not all websites come with the content and is up to you to supply it. This can sometimes be supplied using previous brochures that contain information of your company. Or this can be something you will have to write from scratch.

Not a confident copywriter?

Some website companies in New Zealand offer a copywriter at an extra cost. This way ensures text will be written professionally and that’s something I can highly recommend.

A copywriter also enhances your chances of being found organically through Google (without needing to use a Google ads agency).

  1. Photography

You want to have an attractive website, so you want some nice looking images.

Having good photography throughout your website will add that trust and wow factor that attracts customers.

You’ve probably seen websites using those classic stock photos?

This can be ok to start with, but ultimately you want your own custom imagery. Photography of your company in action will draw attention and will ensure that your web design is unique and legitimate.

  1. Your Brand 

Got a logo? This is something that’s usually done first in the process but it’s not common for business owners to realise that don’t actually have one during the website design process.

I always say this is a very important part of your business. The logo is what represents your company visually, so you want a professional logo design, not a $5 job on Fiverr.

(You can spend anywhere between $300-$10,000NZD with an experienced logo designer. It’s a small price to pay for something so crucial)

Also when it comes to your small business web design, the logo is what the website appearance is built around. The colour and style of your branding determines the overall look or ‘paint’ your website will have.

  1. Website Statistics

So you have a website live and people are visiting it daily. It would be good to know who these people are right?

I recommend setting up ‘Google Analytics’. This is a FREE application that the big boys at Google offer. You can see all sorts of stats including how many people are visiting certain pages, from what countries and from what devices.

There are many more stats you can pull from this handy application so make sure this is setup after launching your website design nz.

  1. Device Responsive

These days with mobile phones and tablets websites need to be responsive, meaning they need to look good on all devices.

It’s not often that a small business web designer will NOT develop for all devices but it’s something to ask when feeling for the right web design company.

  1. HTTPS Secure

What is this techy word?

You will recognise the ‘https’ from the top of your browser where you type the domain name or search request. You may also notice a little padlock icon.

If your website only has HTTP, you want the ‘S’ on the end which enables you website to be secure. This is done with a SSL certificate. You can get your SSL certificate through your web hosting or if not when you purchase your domain.

I highly recommend getting your website designer to sort this as part of your web package. These days all websites need this as privacy has become very important.

An experienced web developer is essential with your small business website design

I thought I needed to add this as an extra piece of advice. Last but not least!

As a web designer I get people that have tried the cheaper options first. These being –

Trying to build a website using online website builders. I have written an article on Professional Web Designer VS Online Website Builders for you to checkout. 

Or the other option of using a friend of a friend that knows a guy that made a website once but his real occupation is training dolphins.

Yes it may be cheaper. And yes you can tell people you have a website. But is it actually working? Are people finding it? Does it have all of the above elements I have recommended?

Please, if you have respect for your own company, get it done right the first time. You will only benefit.

Enough rambling from me. I’m getting a sweat on. It’s best to keep in mind the above 8 important elements when getting a web designer for your small business.

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me about your website.