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Let’s get your branding sorted!

Your branding is being used to represent your business visually. Therefore, it is important to get your brand identity designed in a unique manner. That’s where the professional branding services of Red Eye Design would come to your survival.

We will assist you on getting a unique identity created for your business within your niche industry. The branding we will create for your business will visually communicate, reflect your values and impress your customers.

In simple terms, the brand identity that we create for your business would represent your business visually.

So why use Red Eye Design for your Branding?

Through the brand identity designing services, we don’t just pay attention towards the logo design of your business. Instead, we take your business name, logo, colours, fonts, styling, icons, images and illustrations into account. This will assist us to provide you with a unique output.

The brand we create for your business would distinguish from the brands of your competitors. Therefore, your brand would stick within the minds of your customers and this can contribute towards the development of your business in the long run.

A business would fail to achieve its short-term goals as well as long-term goals by not having an appealing brand identity. That’s because it has become important for the businesses to use their brand in order to stay ahead of tough competition. Our services can assist you with that and you will be able to experience measurable results within a short period of time.

  • "Was real happy with the logo series that was developed for my clothing brand. Excellent communication. Highly recommend Red Eye Design!"

    Lee Simmons
    Lee Simmons T.O.Y.S Streetwear - Manager
  • "I recently had worked with David, he is easy to communicate with and I was very happy with his design. I will certainly work with him again."

    Hatice Abrakebabra - Owner

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With our branding service, we take into account your:

  • Logo Design (Colour, Style and Industry)
  • Business Website
  • Promotional/Marketing Materials (Print & Digital)
  • Internal and External Signage
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Staff Training Documents
  • Business Social Media Channels
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Attractive business branding is a must

As you can see, we tap into each and every aspect of your business, which is exposed to targeted customers. You will be able to experience amazing results from our services as we have the potential to get your company noticed.

At Red Eye Design, we have designed a unique approach in order to help all the businesses that are looking for brand identity services. When you contact us, we would analyse your business as well as your targeted customers. Then we create a plan that can assist us to create the perfect identity for your business.

We don’t just focus on making the things look good. Instead, we create branding, which can take your entire business to the next level. Since we pay attention towards your target customers, we will be able to come up with a unique brand identity that can deliver noticeable results as well.

After creating the identity, we would offer brand guidelines to you, which can be followed in order to manage the established brand and teach you how to protect it. Therefore, any business can get a unique brand identity created with the help of R.E.D.

Next steps with your Brand Identity

If you want us to brand your new or existing business, you can contact us on 0220 354 180.
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